Champions Trophy 2017

These 6 India vs Pakistan Moments Deserve More Attention That Sehwag’s ‘Baap-Beta’ Jokes


Every India and Pakistan play a game of cricket, there is a lot of banter and trolling, not just on the field but also on the internet, between fans from both sides of the border. Many say that ‘India vs Pakistan’ is more than just a game of cricket; it is a war.

But, we say, it ISN’T.

Over the years, we have seen media houses from both sides try their best to make India vs Pakistan a high ‘TRP’ zone. They make a game of cricket sound like a war. They use insulting remarks against opposition players. In nutshell, they try their best to provoke their side of fans. And, as a result, these fans come out in numbers on social media and spread hatred.

But, this time, in ICC Champions Trophy 2017, the hatred on social media between both the nations was like never before. From former cricketers like Virender Sehwag and Rashid Latif to crazy fans, all we could see was insulting remarks from both sides.

But, we say, let’s STOP IT.

In this post, we list 8 incidents that deserve more importance that Virender Sehwag’s ‘baap-beta’ comments.

1) Indians defending Pakistan’s captain Sarfaraz Ahmed’s broken English 

2) Former Indian captain MS Dhoni spent some time with Sarfaraz Ahmed’s family. Here is a picture of MSD with Pakistan captain’s son. 
3) Media houses kept showing us videos of fights and banter between Indians and Pakistanis inside and outside the stadium. But, no one showed us these moments.
4) Not just Indians, fans from Pakistan have also shared their love and respect. 
5) And this video has gone viral on the internet


6) MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh spent time with Azhar Ali’s kids.





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