VIDEO: Pakistani Fan Who Insulted Indian Cricketers Punched Outside The Stadium


Video of a Pakistani fan insulting and abusing Indian cricketers after the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017, went viral on the internet. Fans from both sides of the border reacted to the video, but in completely opposite ways. While Pakistanis enjoyed one of them bashing Indian cricketers after the final, Indians were very angry at the way with which he insulted their superstars.

In the video, Indian speedster Mohammad Shami was seen getting angry and almost getting in a spat with a spectator who was shouting,”Baap Kaun Hai“. Later, Mahendra Singh Dhoniintervened and took Shami away. Days after that incident, one more video has emerged and it is as disturbing as the first one, if not more.

The fan who made that video was beaten black and blue by Indian cricket fans after the match, outside the stadium. According to a report published on, the fans of both the nations gathered on streets and started chanting slogans against each other.


As per the video, a fan wearing Pakistan’s jersey was punched several times by some of the Indian cricket fans. However, the security personnel present there reacted quickly and took the Pakistani fan away from the group of Indian supporters. As per the reports, the Pakistani who was slapped could probably be the one who was shouting “Baap Kaun Hai” when the Indian players were returning to the dressing room.

OUR TAKE: The kind of behaviour fans from both the sides have shown in the last couple of weeks is nothing short of shameful. It is sad that insulting opposition has become a part of our celebrations. It is a very unhealthy trend and media persons from both sides of the border have played a very negative role. Chasing TRPs, they have tried their best to provoke the fans.

VIDEO: Pakistani Fan Who Insulted Indian Cricketers Punched Outside The Stadium