10 Highly Creative Posters That Were Spotted During The Cricket Matches


Cricket is one of the most loved and celebrated sport in the world. The cricketers around the world, enjoys a huge fan following. The passion and excitement for the sport is so much from the audience side that it makes the sport even more interesting to watch.

The excitement in the fans is always at its peak, the fans present at the stadium are always something to watch out for. From cheering for their teams in some unique way to their changing expressions on every moment is something that always add to the game.

Many times we have seen fans holding message boards and posters in their hands as a way to cheer for their teams or sending out some message to their favorite cricketers. Through these message boards, the fans convey their feelings to their favorite player or team. Sometimes, the fans are so creative when it comes to expressing their love towards their favorite player that we just can’t stop ourselves from falling in love with their creativeness and ofcourse, the message.

Here, we bring you some highly creative posters that the fans brought during the matches, have a look :

1.If cricket is a religion, than Sachin is God :


2. A fan during one of the Ind Vs Australia match :


3. Love for Universal Boss :


4. Virat Kohli = Superman :


5. And their plea was ignored :


6. Viru love :


7. Anushka Sharma, are you reading this? :

kohli-2-1-600x537 (1)

8. Mauka Mauka ! :


9. Because cricket comes first before anything else :


10. Advertising at it’s best :


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