Is Franchise Based Cricket Good For The Game?


By Shashi Agarwal


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So it is time for Bangladesh Premier League to come in the news but for a wrong reason.Shihab Jishan Chowdhury, Managing director of the Dhaka Gladiators has been found guilty of being involved in match fixing.Also, the committee has found that along with Ashraful, Kaushal Lokuarachchi of Srilanka and Lou Vincent of New Zealand have a part in the match fixing.Ashraful was the one who confessed his crime first .”Vincent, Lokuarachchi and Ashraful have already pleaded guilty,” said Shakil Kasem, a member of the tribunal.Lou Vincent has admitted that some unknown illegal book maker approached him during the 2013 season of the BPL. His mistake is limited to the fact that he didnot report it to the officials.


On the other hand several players and owners were set free from the charges related to match fixing.The players in this list are former Left arm Bangladeshi spinner Md. Rafique, Mahbubul Alam, Mosharraf Hossain and Kent’s Darren Stevens.Also co-owner of Dhaka Dladiators, Salim Chowdhury and CEO Gaurav Rawat.


Role in fixing

Different franchises from IPL and celebrities have been accused of match fixing.Looking at the current scenario of the franchise based cricket, it does create a lot of doubt over the role, a franchise can make in match fixing. The franchise based cricket has nothing to take with cricket and are meant for making money.After spending huge amounts of money, no one would like to end up in loss.Also the players know that it is their performance which is earning money for them and they will be axed if they fail to perform.Due to all this, the players cannot be expected to be very loyal to their franchises and they might indulge in match fixing Franchises even are less bothered about win or loss, aiming mainly at brand making.The local people associated with the team are also not getting any links to support the team as it has no or very less number of local players.

It won’t be a surprise if Mudgal reports finds more people involved in the match fixing in IPL.The cricketing countries are lacking a strong authority to host the franchise based tournament. Also links are missing which connects fans to the team.County cricket in England is successful as they have developed a strong administration to run the tournament as it is a very old tournament.The biased rules for the different franchises isn’t doing a favour either.


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