T20 World Cup 2014: Where did they go wrong? (Part 1)


 So ladies and gentlemen, we have our finalists. India and Srilanka, both were undoubtedly the best teams in the tournament, and somehow, more luckier too. But this is not about the finalists. This is about how the semifinalists, South Africa and West Indies, somehow managed to lose the match, in spite of having a chance to play on 6th April.

First let us look at West Indies. After a couple of resounding victories against hapless Australia and the very dangerous looking Pakistan, they were starting to look like the team to beat. Darren Sammy has gradually transformed himself into a productive finisher, whereas Samuel Badree and Sunil Narine were looking more and more unplayable with each passing match. The very fact that Pakistan, who considerably play well against spin, we in all waters against Badree during the start of their chase. But in semi-finals, the situation was different. Yes, West Indies did have a upper hand after the first half of Sri Lankan innings, but a stunning cameo from Angelo Matthews drove Sri Lanka to a very par score of 160 odd runs.

But the rest of the match is sort of an anti-climatic. West Indies openers were in all tatters against some quality fast and spin bowling. Malinga’s variations looked more threatening, as Gayle looked like a headless chicken facing them. Then, “THE OVER”, the 5th of the match, turned out to be the decider at the end. Malinga bagged both Dwayne Smith and Chris Gayle in the same over. Eventually, it was that over which cost them the match, as they lost to Sri Lanka by 27 runs by the D/L method.


Now where did the “Gangnam boys” go wrong?


  • Horrible batting tactics: Yes, Gayle whole-new approach of taking it step-by-step is kinda interesting, but did anyone didn’t remind him that it was a semi final? A semi final in a pitch where the teams like NZ, Australia and Pakistan were reduced to rubble, while trying to chase a modest target. Too many dot balls at the beginning indeed cost West Indies the match. And not to forget the blunder of an innings from Marlon Samuels. 18 from 29? How is this acceptable while chasing a target? Yes, the Sri Lankan spinners were too good, but it does remind me of what Raina said  about a week ago. West Indies are really poor runners between the wickets, and atleast 10-20 runs could have been garnered by tapping the ball between the gaps, and getting single or two.
  • Lack of quality pacer: Andre Russel and Lasith Malinga was the difference between the teams. While Russel went for bonkers in his 3 overs, it was Malinga who took the two crucial wickets, which eventually sealed the match for the Lankans. Yes, spinners are the game changers this time at the WCT20. But having a quality pacer does make a difference.
  • The dreaded D/L factor : D/L method has played spoilsport for more than once in these ICC tournaments, and this time it is not anything different. Out of nowhere, the match got washed off. Well, we cannot really say whether WI had a chance of chasing it, considering their position, but you may never know what was in stores for us. And moreover, the D/L calculation is something that is beyond reachable to anyone, and all we can think is look back and say “what if it hadn’t rained”.

This ends the first part of the series. Watch out for the second part, where,  the analysis of, where SA went wrong will be done.



  1. ravinarayanan

    April 5, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    A nice write up by Kaushik.. We really missed the Calypso dancing ” Gagnam style ” this time by the Windies in the Finals. As u have mentioned rightly their chase was a mediocre approach and so many dot balls when chasing 160+ and the horrible bowling by Andre Russel cost them the semi-final match. And of course Malinga’s slinging deliveries got them clueless.

    And the proteas “choke” didn’t happen this time. They did put up a fighting total, fielded well but still the final slot eluding them. May be the Indian spin bowling, especially Ashwin’s bowling would have made the difference. The delivery bowling Amla’s thro’ the gate termed as ” the ball of the century of T20s”.

    • The Cricket Lounge

      April 5, 2014 at 11:50 pm

      Thank You for your feedback! And we will post the second part soon, analysing the SA’s defeat.

  2. Dreamstar Nappyboy

    April 6, 2014 at 1:31 am

    The reason the windies lost was not in no way due to Russel! The reason was simply bad coaching and captaincy of Gibbs and Sammy respectively , let me expound.

    It was well known that Gayle was injured and not himself, he should have been moved down in the order to the #5 slot and Johnson Charles should have taken his spot at the top of the order, Bravo should have then been moved up to the #3 slot in place of Simmons who should have been dropped and Andre Fletcher should have been brought In at the #7 slot! Darren Sammy should have been moved up to the # 4 slot replacing Samuels who had lost confidence and was not playing well beginning two games ago, he should have been in the # 6 slot
    The coach and captain failed to make these bold changes to have a fighting chance to win, even before the tournament started I predicted a 4th place finish, and lamented the fact that the middle order was the Achilles heel of the Islanders and would lead to their exit if it was not addressed with out fail . As a coach you are paid to make the tough decisions regardless of who the player is and that was never done, you cannot coddle players especially when a repeat championship is with in sight. Also the captain knows his players and should have weighed in and made sure those changes were made for the betterment of the team. As captain you are responsible to sit down and talk to your players and find out what injuries and were their mind frame is at. This was a crucial game and the team leaders failed the Island federation and the fans of Windies cricket and the cricket fandom in general.

    These players were put t in a position to fail due to the above mentioned problems, which in my estimation is passing the buck so they the coach and Captain would not be blamed if any thing went wrong due to changes being made. This is cowardly and odorous on there parts .
    My over all conclusion. Is coach Gibbs has to go, he is a feckless leader, this move will show the world that mediocrity is not the norm! and players and coaches will be held accountable for the failings of the team. Darren Sammy should be replaced by Darren Bravo on a permanent basis.success is for the bold and the few, failure is for the weak and the many.

    • The Cricket Lounge

      April 6, 2014 at 2:52 am

      A point well made, mate. The West Indies middle order was always fragile, and they were over-reliant on their tail and openers to finish off their job. Yes, it was a reckless decision from their team management, but Sammy has been impressive. Personally, Sammy’s promition to No4 will have backfired anyways. He is better fitted for a role as a finisher, rather than a stabiliser.

      If Gayle was indeed injured, it is quite selfish of him to participate in the tournament, at the first. But his presence at middle order would have done no good to the team. Lendl Simmons was good in patches, but yeah, a guy like Darren Bravo could have been given a place in the team, to play the role as a sheet anchor.

      It wasn’t a bad tournament overall for west indies, but not a good one either. They were good in patches, but struggled against the best. Personally, the best teams are in the finals.

      And not to forget, the writer has written this article WRT the semi finals, not the entire tournament as such. So his views are restricted.

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