Pelting Stones at Yuvraj Singh’s House Was an Act of Hooliganism

Stones pelted at yuvraj singh's house
Stones pelted at yuvraj singh’s house

On the night when thousands of Sri Lankan fans were celebrating their team’s first ever T20 World Cup trophy, some alleged Indian fans were throwing stones at Yuvraj Singh’s house, because he didn’t perform well in the final.

There’s no denying the fact that Yuvraj played one of the most ugliest innings of his life and this resulted in India scoring less runs than what they should have scored otherwise. But, nothing in this world can justify the shameful act of these alleged fans. I think, it is unfair to call these people fans. In my opinion, and also in the eyes of law, all those who threw stones at Yuvraj’s home are neither fans nor really patriotic. They are just criminal.

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Indian cricket fans are known for their enthusiasm and love for their team. From fasting for their favourite player to vandalizing the private property of the players; they have done it all. And, they do it under the banner of “fans”.

Destroying players’ houses is not a new trend in India. In 2007, in a shameful incident, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s under construction house in Ranchi was attacked by a mob after India’s loss to Bangladesh in their opening match of the World Cup. These so called fans, who are actually goons, have pelted the Indian team bus with stones; they have thrown bottles to end the matches; they have burnt stadiums; and they have attacked the houses and families of the cricketers.

For a nation that calls itself a sporting nation, there cannot be a bigger shame. It’s a disgrace and should condemned in the most strongest manner. These goons should be identified and punished. And the real fans of the sport should get together and unite their voice against these goons. The line needs to be drawn and it should be done NOW!

Through this piece, I would like to request the fan groups like Swamy Army and The Bharat Army, to appeal to their members and all the fans around the world, to raise their voice against this hooliganism.

If such incidents are repeated again, then there will be a time, when players will with the burden of protecting their families from these goons.


by the editor


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