Rajasthan Royals: Team Unity Is Their Biggest Strength

source: www.espncricinfo.com
source: www.espncricinfo.com

It cannot be denied that the people’s view of RR has been and will always remain as an underdog. It is a sort of tag attached to the team of Rajasthan. But in spite of that, it cannot be denied that they give their best every time they come out to the field.

As it can be easily noticed, they do not have any Maxwell or Gayle in their team. Nor do they have any sort of Narines and Ashwins. RR together constitutes a team of 11 players, 11 playerrs who give their best for the team and make it the team to be feared of.

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It is not that they are not talented at all. But compared to their international counterparts, they are not that well known. But it doesn’t mean that they do not share the same passion for the game compared to likes of other international players.

Just consider the star of their team, Pravin Tambe. Can anyone point out that he is 42 years old? He looks and more importantly, plays like a teenager! From playing local club matches to becoming an IPL superstar, is indeed a great achievement in itself.

This is not just about Tambe. Your Ravindra Jadeja, Yusuf Pathan, Shane Watson, Kevon Cooper and many more. All have been part of the RR family and they do have to give credit to RR to their success.

It is not only the team composition which makes RR a compact and such a co-ordinated team. It is their team values, the sense of togetherness or rahter, a family-ish atmosphere which acts as a motivator for them to perform. And who else can be a more perfect mentor rather than “The Wall” himself? Dravid has ensured that the core competency of their team remains intact, and in spite of all the controversies surrounding their players being caught for match fixing, it has to be accepted that RR  has one of the most ideal team atmosphere for any player.

May their legacy live on

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