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VIDEO: Cricket Is A Religion In India


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There may be many religions in India, but it is said that cricket unites Indians better than any religion can ever do. Cricket, in India is often referred to as ‘fever’ with millions of hearts throbbing, be it in the cities, towns and villages. Cricket is the only sport in India which is popular amongst people of all age groups, gender, cast and religion.  It’s true that cricket is a religion and people are crazy, and they want to see India win – at any cost.

This hilarious video by Kenneth Sebastian highlights the different characteristics exhibited by cricket fanatics in India. 

Cricket in India has become an obsession. An obsession to watch, debate, fight and appreciate. Cricket in India is Highly publicized game as compared to other sports of India. You can go to any city, town or village in India and you will find kids, young boys, even men playing GULLY CRICKET. The love for the game is incomparable to any other game. May be that’s why it is correct to say that Cricket in India is more of a religion than a game.

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