GIF: Weird Run-Outs

After AB de Villiers, a man you would think could do no wrong, ran himself out in a bizarre fashion




Here are couple of other lucky, unlucky or just plain stupid run outs we’ve seen over the years:

There should be a time limit for the amount of seconds you can take to admire your defense. Shane Thompson was caught in a pose by Hansie Cronje, He literally looks like a statue.






Amit Mishra just didn’t want to bat that day. As they say, 3rd time’s a charm





Misbah Ul Haq’s majestic jump. I don’t think even he can explain what he was trying to do here..






Pollard is EXTREMELY lucky…






Pollard incorporating his football skill and dancing ..umm..skills(?) to cricket.





But Johnson did it first…







by Tonkee Ponkee

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