Convert to Islam and you will go to heaven, Ahmed Shehzad tells Dilshan

source: bbc.co.uk
source: bbc.co.uk

During an ODI between SL and Pakistan at Dambulla, while going back to the dressing room, some words were exchanged between the Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad.

A video footage which is uploaded by ten sports on Youtube shows Shehzad talking about people if convert into Muslims, go straight to heaven, no matter whatever he does in life. Dilshan was seen replying that he doesn’t like heaven. The words at the end weren’t audible but it is said that Shehzad said “then get ready for fire”. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will probe into this incident that occurred in the 3rd ODI.

Dilshan’s father was a Muslim and his mother is a Buddhist. The previous meaning of the initials of TM in Dilshan’s name was “Tuwan Mohammad Dilshan.” However, Dilshan changed his religion into Buddhism at the age of 16 which meant he changed his name too. Now it is Tilakratne Mudiyanselege Dilshan.

Pakistan’s cricket media manager Agha Akbar said “Ahmed has informed the PCB that it was his personal chat with Dilshan, and there was nothing more to it. What we understand is that no Sri Lanka Cricket official or our own manager lodged any complaint”

This is a very serious incident. Sledging in cricket is one thing where the players try to distract the opposition players but commenting on someone’s religion or race is a serious offense. Shehzad might be well be in a big trouble if the allegations against him are justified. However, having said that, there have been absolutely no problems with Dilshan it seems so. His body language suggested that he is not in anger or displeasure as he walked away with Shehzad.

So the question is, was it really a personal chat as the Pakistan’s cricket manager says or is it an entirely a different story?

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By Archit Athani

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