Rajdeep Sardesai’s incident has exposed the Indian media

Rajdeep Sardesai, former First-Class cricketer and son of cricket great Dilip Sardesai was manhandled outside the Madison Square Garden (MSG) in New York, where the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was delivering a speech.

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When this news came out, all the media houses and celebrities started blaming the supporters who were standing outside the  Madison Square Garden, without having the full knowledge of the incident.

This is what Harsha Bhogle tweeted after the incident:

Harsha Bhogle, without knowing the full details of the incident was defending his friend/colleague Rajdeep Sardesai.i

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A popular Facebook page “The Logical Indian” posted this after the incident:

“We fairly agree that the frenzy crowd provoked Rajdeep for his act which we equally denounce. However, as a public figure and a responsible journalist we expect Rajdeep to pay least heed to the mob, rather retaliate with offensive slang and initiate manhandling. We hope that the mainstream media also shows us this other side of the story.”

This incident has highlighted the hypocrisy of the Indian media. All the media houses were trying their best to defend Rajdeep Sardeai, without showing the other side of the story. But, the reaction of the common people on the social media, was clearly against Rajdeep Sardesai. And the second part of the video, which clearly showed Rajdeep Sardesai abusing and pushing an NRI outside the Madison Square Garden, just triggered the anger towards Rajdeep Sardesai and the media houses who were defending him by reporting selectively.

Please see the full video (shared above) of what actually happened at Madison Square Gardens. Rajdeep Sardessai first calls an NRI an A%$hole. The NRI replies “you are an A$%hole too”. Rajdeep Sardesai first moves back and then comes charging towards the man and pushes him.


by The Cricket Lounge



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