Playing It My Way: 5 Things To Expect From Sachin Tendulkar’s Autobiography

Sachin Tendulkar, the living legend in World Cricket is all set to publish his autobiography, titled, ‘Playing it My Way’. The book is scheduled for publication on November 6th, and the whole world is waiting for the legendary memoirs of the master blaster. Fans of the player, fondly called the God of Cricket, are highly excited about this news, and they expect another magic from Sachin Tendulkar; however this time, the magic would come not from a bat but with a pen. The publication of Sachin’s autobiography is being hugely awaited by cricket spectators as well, and they expect something controversial from this book.

5 Things To Expect From Sachin Tendulkar’s Autobiography: 
  • Last month, Tendulkar had told that he will include various things in the book that have not been disclosed in front of the general public until now. The legendary player, who is still the uncrowned king in the cricketing world, is expected to write all the memorable things of his life right from the age of 5 when he took the cricket bat. Sachin’s astonishing 24-year career is expected to be narrated without any compromise, and this may shake the Indian Cricketing Fraternity from the grass root level.


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  • He may give prime attention to some of the most vital events in his career, which include the legendary World Cup Win, the World Cup that we lost in between the cup and the lip in 2003, his controversial dismissal in the 1996 world cup Semi Final, his famous tiff between Shane Warne, his competition with Brian Lara, and moreover, the failure in his captaincy.


  • The book may also contain something about his unbreakable friendship with Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid. Sachin was present in the dressing room when the issue between Chappell and Ganguly happened, and Sachin may give out a clear explanation about the situation in the dressing room which persisted on those days. Many of the Sachin Tendulkar fans also expect his reaction on the Dravid’s declaration episode that left Sachin not out on 196 during India’s encounter against Pakistan.


  • Ricky Ponting, in his autobiography, ‘At the Close of Play’ had questioned Sachin Tendulkar for the stand that he took in association with the notorious ‘monkeygate’ incident, which happened during the 2nd Test in Sydney during India’s tour to Australia in 2007-08. The whole cricket audience is waiting for a reply from Sachin’s end regarding this controversial incident.


  • The political life of Sachin also faced criticisms when he was reported as a regular absentee in the Rajya Sabha. The little master may also substantiate his point of view about this recent controversy.


  • Sachin Tendulkar is a phenomenon, and this book, ‘Play it My Way’ will surely pave light to the his personality on and off the ground. Tendulkar has conquered everything in his life, and the case of writing will be no different, as he holds the legacy of his novelist dad. Also, touching hearts has been his forte, albeit this time, he might not be cheered from people in a stadium but from those in the bookstores.
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By Nirmal Narayanan and Nandini Sharma

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