Australia vs South Africa 2014: Channel Nine’s commentary couldn’t have been more biased


Commentary is one of the most important parts of any sports. Commentators present the game as it his happening and their insights help in better understanding of the game. And this is why they say, commentators should never be biased, at least when they are on air.

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In the ongoing One Day International series between Australia and South Africa, we are witnessing what can be called one of the most biased commentary teams, in the history of cricket commentary. StartSports are broadcasting the series in India and those who have been following the series would agree that almost everything about the commentary is Australian.

Sometimes, when the former Australian cricketers who are all part of Channel 9 commentary team, get too excited, it appears as if we are a watching the match in a sports bar which is located somewhere in Melbourne. They celebrate fours and sixes by Australian batsmen and moan whenever South Africa are ahead in the game.






@AlfieT_Scott describes Channel Nine’s commentary as “HILARIOUSLY BIASED” 


@DhanushGopinath also has similar kind of views:


People on the social media, particularly Twitter, have been talking about the biased nature of the Channel Nine’s commentary in this series and @AltCricket, who is followed by over 62,000 people on Twitter, has been raised this question throughout the series:


@AltCricket has raised a very valid question there- HOW IS A COMMENTATOR ALLOWED TO SAY THIS?


This tweet by @alttcricket tells us how biased these commentators have been:



It would be just fair to say that Channel Nine’s ridiculously biased commentary has been a very suffocating experience for the viewers, especially those who are following the series from a neutral point of view. It’ true that former cricketers are always biased towards their team, but what Channel Nine’s commentary team is doing is absolutely ridiculous.



By The Cricket Lounge

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