5 Most Innovative Batsmen In Limited Overs Cricket

The game of cricket has gone through lots of changes after the advent of T20 cricket. The most significant changes have come in the batting department as the balance of the game has shifted massively in the favor of batsmen. From switch hits to reverse-scoops, batsmen have added so much more variety to the armory and these innovative shots have revolutionized the game of cricket.

In this article we have made a list of 5 most innovative batsmen in the game of cricket at the moment:

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AB de Villiers is arguably the best batsman in the world at the moment. He is the most versatile batsman and his record across all three formats is nothing short of phenomenal. AB de Villiers is also the most innovative batsman in the world. His ability to churn out “crazy” shots from no where is his biggest strength in limited overs cricket. From scoops to reverse-scoops, AB de Villiers  can play any shot in the book. In fact, he can play shots that are no where in the book, and only he can play these shots.

In this video, AB de Villiers is taking on Dale Steyn in an IPL match. The shot he plays at 1:52 minutes is OUTRAGEOUS!




David Warner is a pocket-size powerhouse. He is one of the most cleanest hitters of the cricket ball, and on his day, he can make a mockery of any bowling attack in the world. Warner is also very innovative in his ways. He first started as a T20 specialist, but over the years, he has converted his game into a good blend of innovating and orthodox style of batting.

David Warner’s most innovative is the switch hit. His ability to change his stance from a left handed batsman to  a right hander in a split second, is a very special talent.




New Zealand’s skipper Brendon McCullum is one of the hardest hitters of the cricket ball. He is a very fearless batsman, who is not afraid of taking on any bowler in the world. Just like AB de Villiers, McCullum has the potential to destroy any bowling attack in the world. McCullum’s innovative skills can be in this video. Here, he is scooping Shaun Tait who is bowling over 150km/hour for a six.



The dashing England batsman is the inventor of the switch-hit shot. Pietersen is one of the most dominating batsmen to have ever played the game. He has almost every shot in the book and he backs himself to clear the ground at any given moment.

Watch this video to see innovative skills.




Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell who is also known as THE BIG SHOW, is one of the most “feared” batsmen in the world at the moment. He plays some of the most outrageous shots in the world. He has the potential to finish the games single-handedly. Watch this video in which he is toying with England’s spinner Joe Root. He smashes three consecutive boundaries and all are reverse-sweeps.



By The Cricket Lounge 

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