Alastair Cook was insulted by Eoin Morgan and Ravi Bopara



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England’s captain Alastair Cook is being criticized by one and all for his horror form with the bat in the last two and a half years. Cook hasn’t scored an ODI hundred in the last 2 years and his performance in 2014 is worst by an English opener, and one of the worst ever.

As the captain of England’s ODI team, Cook has now won only one of his past nine ODI series. In the recently concluded ODI series against Sri Lanka, Cook showed no hope of getting back to form, as England lost the series 5-2.

Our sources tell us that Alastair Cook was criticized and insulted by his own teammates after the final match of the 7-match ODI series against Sri Lanka. Ravi Bopara, who was made to sit on the bench in spite of being a better performer than Alastair Cook in the last 12 months or so, led the attack, and he was later joined by Eoin Morgan.

Our sources tell us that Alastair Cook, who is known for his “nice” and “polite” nature, came in the dressing room and said, “Boys, it can’t get worse than this. Let’s lift ourselves and train hard for the next series. We can only get better from here.” 

Ravi Bopara, who was really annoyed for getting dropped in the last ODI of the series, didn’t really like this advice from his captain. Bopara, who is known to be a very calm and composed character, got really angry and said, “To hell with your nice nature and good family background. You are now the worst opener in the history of English cricket and your record as the captain of England’s ODI team is as horrible as Sir Ian Botham’s nude selfie.” 

Eoin Morgan, who is the popular choice for the post of England’s ODI captain, also joined Bopara in criticizing Alastair Cook.

“Enough is enough, Cooky. We are tired of losing series after series and getting criticized. You must step aside and let me take the charge,” Eoin Morgan said. 

Some unconfirmed reports are also saying that Kevin Pietersen, who doesn’t share a very good rapport with Alastair Cook, sent a message to some of the English players requesting them start #SackAlastairCook campaign on Twitter.

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By Fake Cricket Reporter 

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