Sir Don Bradman Planned a Surprise Birthday Party For Phillip Hughes



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This is not a regular cricket article. It is something very special. This article is coming straight from the heaven, where Phillip Joel Hughes celebrated his 26th birthday with his hero Sir Don Bradman and many other great cricketers.

Sir Don Bradman, who has always been a big fan of Phillip Hughes, welcomed him to the heaven with a cracking straight drive. Hughes was very happy to see his hero in front of him. Sir Don hugged his little mate and started introducing him to his friends. The place was full of cricketers and Phil was so happy to see the cricket bats, balls and everything that he loved in his previous world.

After spending sometime with his new friends, Phil decided to take some rest. He just lied down on his bed and looked at his family, friends and millions of admirers, who were all praying for him and sending pictures of their bats. Phil felt very happy. He gave a group hug to all of us.

While Phil was sleeping in his room, Sir Don was planning a surprise birthday party for him, with Tiger Pataudi and Malcolm Marshall.

They ordered lots of food and drinks. Sir Don also prepared a special video in which he compiled some of Phil’s best knocks. These three along with others were waiting for Phil’s birthday like kids, and the moment the clock struck 12, they all went to Phil’s room and woke him up.

Phil was very happy to see his heroes singing birthday songs for him.

A few minutes later, Tony Greig also joined the party. Tony also read out Michael Clarke’s tweet, after which Phil felt very good and requested all of them to pray for his brother Michael.

The party soon resumed and Phil shared his cricketing memories with his new friends. They were all in love with Phil. His smile was back and yes, that cheeky grin too. It was all looking very settled for the little fella.


By Aniket Arora

NOTE: This article is a work of fiction

Picture courtesy: @notdavidwarner

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