6 Most Outrageous Shots from AB de Villiers’ Fastest ODI Century

The 360 degree man has played an innings which has made the world go upside down or rather taken a 360 degree turn. Here we have a look at few shots that the Superman from South Africa played out of his manual. Also please do not try these shots at home!

1) The Reverse Switch Hit

reverse hit

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Probably the most outrageous shot of the innings, ABD produces a shot which is something between a switch hit and a reverse sweep.

2) Sweep for Six!

sweep for six

Coaches say that the sweep is one of the most difficult shots to execute. Let alone for a six even a boundary is hard to come by. Here De Villiers sweeps and deposits the ball a long long way into the crowd.

3) The Out of Balance shot

out of balance

To play this shot perfectly the batsman has to be out of balance, completely. Sounds weird? Here the great man exactly does that and in a manner no one else can.

4) The World Record hit


Batting at 96 and nearing a world record, most batsmen would have played it safe. But not ABD. Here he smashes the ball, down on his knees and out of the park!

5) The Upar cut over the leg side

upar cut over the leg side

Remember the upar cut made famous by Sachin and Sehwag? De Villiers has worn his dancing shoes to play an unbelievable shot over deep fine leg.

6) Pick and deposit

pick and deposit sweep

Ever seen someone picking up garbage from the streets and depositing it into the truck? The South African does exactly that but with a cricket ball.

Records they say are meant to be broken. But you really have to wonder if this feat can be matched let alone overtaken. All we can say that we are privileged to have been born in the era where the great Abraham Benjamin De Villiers played! Take a bow!


By Ashirbad Hazarika

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