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India vs Pakistan: 6 Things Only Indian and Pakistani Cricket Fans Will Relate To

We are separated by a Line of Control (LOC). But when there is a India-Pakistan cricket match there is absolutely no line and the cricket crazy nations are only out of control!

There are two types of fans:

1) If we lose to Australia it’s fine, if we lose to England it’s fine. Even if we lose to Bangladesh it’s fine. But if we lose to Pakistan /India it’s like committing suicide. This is no game. India and Pakistan no game. Only war.

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2) It’s a cricket match, it’s a cricket match, it’s nothing more than a cricket match. 

Here are 6 things that are common to both countries:



Giving all due respect to our mothers and sisters, on the field or off it, we have a habit of expressing our sincere love and gratitude to each other. The likes of Miandad, Sidhu, Afridi and Gambhir would tell you better.



Nobody speaks softly or nobody speaks at all when a match is in progress. It is either an expression of joy or disbelief expressed very ‘loudly’ at the fall of a wicket or when the ball is out of the stadium. During tense situations, a million hearts can be heard pounding in unison across the border.

3) Bhai-Bhaijaan!


Strangers watching the match together on the streets hug each other. They probably even become friends and God forbid kiss each other! Their common love interest: cricket.

Jeetega bhai jeetage Hindustan jeetega! 

Jeetega bhai jeetega Pakistan jeetega!

4) Unofficial Bharat/Pakistan bandh


Whenever these two nations play, we do not give an excreta about anything other than the match. Schools, colleges and offices are shut and the televisions and transistors on. Every ball counts. Every run counts.

5) Elaan-e-Jung


 Most of us (it would be safe to assume all of us) have not fought the battle for independence. We may not know what it feels like to fight for the country but we surely know how it feels during an Indo-Pak encounter! If that feeling is not patriotism, then what is?

Hindustan Zindabad!

Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan! 

6) Haar Matlab Maar


 A loss to the arch rivals feels much worse than a break up. In matters of the heart we are not too different. We cry seeing the same movies and we fall in love hearing the same songs. Yusuf Khan and Dilip Kumar are one and the same, don’t forget.


By Ashirbad Hazarika

All GIFs source: Giphy

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