MS Dhoni has broken the sacred bond with Indian cricket lovers: Tom Alter

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Sourve: moviespictures.org

Veteran Bollywood actor Tom Alter has sparked a big controversy with his controversial comments on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s retirement. Tom Alter is a very well know face in the Indian Film industry and he has also won Padma Shree national award.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni should be banned from representing India ever again: Tom Alter

Tom Alter, in his article on FirstPost.com, criticized Dhoni’s sudden decision to retire from Test cricket and said Dhoni should be branded as villain. Alter, in the introductory line of the article, gave examples of Lala Amarnath and Navjot Singh Sidhu, who were both branded as villains, and traitors after they left the series midway. Comparing Dhoni with these two, Alter argued that Dhoni should be criticized even more harshly as he was the captain of the team.

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Alter also wrote about Dhoni’s poor record in Test cricket in the recent past and said Dhoni’s sudden departure from cricket speaks a lot about his arrogance.

Alter also accused Dhoni of playing with the emotions of his fans and also millions of Indian cricket lovers across the world. He also called Dhoni a greedy man and he only cares about his brand and money.

“He should be banned from representing India ever again. He has not only broken his contract, he has broken a sacred bond with those of us who truly love Indian cricket and he does not give a damn. Why? Because he is the corporate favourite, the boss’ and the bosses’ favourite, and for them losing  or winning is not important, it is all ‘brand’ and money and such total and utter rubbish,” Tom Alter wrote in his column on FirstPost.com.  

Tom Alter, who is known for sharing his strong views on politics, film industry and cricket, has sparked a big debate with this controversial article. While he has some people in his favor, a huge army of Dhoni fans and Indian cricket lovers is not ready to but this argument.


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