Video: Sachin Tendulkar’s Ten Nicknames


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India’s batting maestro and arguably the greatest cricketer ever, Sachin Tendulkar, has ten nicknames. In this video, which was originally posted by CricketCountry, two hosts discuss Sachin Tendulkar’s ten nicknames. Sachin Tendulkar’s long association with cricket has also resulted in the fact that he has earned various nicknames.

From ‘Tendu’ to ‘The God of Cricket’, this video takes us through all the nicknames that Sachin Tendulkar was given by his teammates, opposition and also bookies.

1) Tendu

This was the first nickname that Sachin got. Sachin made his debut at the age of 16, and he was very short at that time. So, his teammates, including the great Kapil Dev used to call him ‘Tendu’

2) Tendliya

This nickname was given to him by his Maharashtra teammates, who were also his India teammates.

3) The Little Master

Sachin is short in height, but very few can match his tall, gigantic stature. This nickname was given to him when the little fella was smashing big bowlers all around the park.

4) The Master Blaster

This name was given to Sachin after he established himself as a great ODI player.

5) The Maestro

Sachin used to endorse the ‘Master Card’ and he was killing it on the field. So, people started calling him ‘The Maestro’

6) The God of Cricket

Do we need to explain this?

7) The Bradman of modern era

This nickname was given to Sachin by the King of Caribbean Brian Lara. Brain Lara, who is one of the greatest batsmen ever, was a big admirer of Sachin. Lara often refereed to Sachin as ‘The Bradman [Don Bradman] of modern era”

8) Ten (10)

This was given because of the iconic number 10 jersey.

9) Phaji

Phaji in Punjabi means elder brother. This name was given to Sachin by Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh and others.

10) Batku

This is one nickname that infuriates all his fans. This name was given to him by the bookies.


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