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World Cup 2015: Players warned to refrain from sledging



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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has issued a warning to all the participants of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to refrain from sledging during the most watched and celebrated tournament of cricket. This has been done to present a good image of the game during the World Cup 2015 as it will be watched by millions of viewers across the world.

Sledging hit the headlines during the recently concluded Test series between India and Australia. Many Australian cricketers including the likes of David Warner and Mitchell Johnson and India’s newly appointed Test captain Virat Kohli, got involved in many on-field verbal battles that led to a lot of sledging in the middle.

In a report shared by The Times Newspaper in London, the umpires and match referees would not tolerate sledging and player misbehaviour at the World Cup, as cricket authorities fear that broadcasting incidents to the massive television audience would be terrible for the game, Stuff.co.nz reported.

The match officials will have the backing of the International Cricket Council to report and punish anyone they think has breached the game’s code of conduct. Players would also be reminded of the fine line between fierce competition and abuse before the opening matches on February 14.

A senior ICC source said the game should be played with passion, but there is nothing to be proud of swearing and abuse each other. The ICC is making sure that the game of cricket live up to it’s tag of “gentleman’s game”, especially in the most watched cricket tournament in the world.

The ICC source further said that umpires and match referees clearly need to feel they would be fully supported if they decide that something is inappropriate, especially related to language or threatening behaviour, adding that they are rightly being encouraged to clamp down.


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