10 Reasons Why The 2015 World Cup Is Different From The 2011 World Cup

10 reasons why this World Cup is different from the 2011 World Cup:

1) Rise of the Minnows


This World Cup has seen the rise of the minnows. The minnows are no more the minnows, in fact they have emerged as strong contenders to qualify for the next round if not win the Cup. Ireland’s win over the West Indies and the strong performances of Zimbabwe and Afghanistan against the likes of South Africa and Sri Lanka are testimony to this fact.

2) Selfies Replacing Autographs


“After doing 5 selfies with people this morning before 8 a.m on my morning walk I’ve come to the conclusion that the autograph is dead!” – Shane Warne

This is what the great Shane Warne had to say about selfies replacing autographs. It would be wrong to say that autographs have gone out of fashion but selfies have definitely made their mark. There’s a new trend in the Indian team where the man of the match takes a selfie accompanied by their autographs. Now everybody sitting at home has their own personal autograph!

3) LED Stumps


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The LED stumps are a new entry into the 50 over World Cup. They have added to the glam coupled with ease of making decisions: the Du Plessis run out could have gone in the batsman’s favour had it not been the ‘bright lights’ of the LED stumps.

4) World Cup Of Star Debutantes


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This World Cup has been the show of the debutantes; the likes of Warner, Dhawan, Finch, Mohit Sharma, Rahane have all stepped up to show their true mettle and have made their mark in the tournament. It would not be surprising to see if they enhance their reputation even further as the mega event progresses.

5) Two New Balls


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The introduction of two new balls from each end has added an extra bit of ‘twist’ to the World Cup. With the seaming and swinging conditions already assisting the bowlers, the two new balls have brought about more reasons for the bowlers to cheer in the batsman dominated format.

6) Star-Studded Commentary Team


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Thanks to the broadcasters there has been an infusion of fresh new ex-cricketers in the “commentary box”. The likes of Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden, Mike Hussey and Rahul Dravid who have recently played the game add an extra bit of “zing” to the action on field.

7) Prize Money


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The International Cricket Council has declared a total prize money pool of $10 million for the tournament which is 20% more than the 2011 edition! Rake in the moolah!

8) Absence Of ‘The Doosra’


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The curious case of the mysterious ‘doosra’ is something missing this time around. The absence of the mystery spinners in the form of Ajmal and Muralitharan is surely a big sigh of relief for the batsmen.

9) Real Time Snickometer


The controversial snicko is another new component to this edition of the World Cup. For the first time the snicko has been provided real time, which means it can be played simultaneously with other replays.

10) Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin-Tendulkar selfie

Yes, Sachin is not playing this World Cup. We have all grown up watching him and somehow it does not feel the same this time around. Unfortunately, he has more selfies than runs this time around.

But there is a first time for everything and as Sachin says that this is the first time he is watching the World Cup from the stands. And we tell him, “We miss you Sachin…”

By Ashirbad Hazarika

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