5 Of The Biggest Fights In The History Of India vs Pakistan

Two nations. Divided by history. History created by a line drawn across the land, separating bloodlines and generations to follow.

Two nations, divided by history, united by the game of cricket. A game not short of a state religion. A game which sometimes is no more a game, it becomes a matter of life and lives lost.

Bloodshed is a part of war. Cricket is war on the field, and there should be no blood off it. When blood flows because of the game, cricket weeps. It weeps vehemently as if a pregnant mother is told that her child is dead. It weeps as if it has become the reason for the great sacrifice, that is life.

Let the game win. Let the runs flow and the wickets tumble. Let the crowd erupt with euphoria. Let there be peace.

1) Aamir Sohail vs Venkatesh Prasad! WINNER: Venkatesh Prasad

2) Aamir Sohail vs Navjot Singh Sidhu! WINNER: Navjot Singh Sidhu

3) Gautam Gambhir vs Shahid Afridi! WINNER: MCs and BCs

4) Ishant Sharma vs Kamran Akmal! WINNER: Yuvraj Singh for the way he pushed Ishant

5) Javed Miandad vs Kiran More! WINNER: Javed Miandad

India vs Pakistan is always great fun to watch. The intensity, excitement, tension and passion it exhibits is second to none. It is arguably the greatest rivalry in the game of cricket. When these two teams battle it out in the middle, there is always a lot of drama, action and above all quality cricket.

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