Indian Cricketers: Then and Now

There is only constant and this is CHANGE. Our cricketers are no different and they have undergone a metamorphosis from being rookie cricketers to household names.  Let’s look at some “Then and Now” pictures of our beloved cricketers:

1) Some things never change: Legend then and legend now.

sachin tendulkar

Even after playing for close to quarter of a century, the Little Master still has that innocent boy-like smile. 

2) “Those were the days!” Harbhajan Singh reminiscent of the days when he was an automatic pick in the Indian team. 

harbhajan singh

This picture describes Harbhajan’s journey from a rookie spinner to the Turbanator.

3) The Dhawan “victory swag”: From his Under 19 days to the present.

shikhar dhawan

From an unknown entity till 2013 to the Gabbar Singh of India’s World Cup 2015 squad. 

4) From Jaddu to Sir Jadeja. It surely has been a journey to remember for the Jamnagar boy.

ravindra jadeja

This transition from the boy on the left to the man on the right can be encapsulated in one expression-  The Million Dollar Journey!

5) From India Under – 19 skipper to India Test Captain. From being the Baby faced boy to ‘Mr.Desirable’.

virat kohli

From idolizing Sachin Tendulkar to now chasing his records, this lad from Delhi has taken massive strides in Indian cricket. 

 6) The dude with the flowing mane to the man with the ageing grey stubble, captaincy can do strange things even to the best of us!


7) Dada was once upon a time an “Aam Aadmi” too.

Sourav Ganguly

The Prince of Kolkata had his ordinary days too. Overtime the moustache disappeared and his DADAGIR came to the forefront.

8) There was a time, long ago, when the Nawab of Najafgarh had beautiful black hair.



9) Honorary mention: HARSHA BHOGLE

harsha bhogle

Hair transplant or  Photoshop?

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