This 1:31 Minutes Promo of “The Little Master” Will Make You Nostalgic

With all of India watching, Sanchin Tendulkar sets out to try and capture the Cricket World Cup. ESPN Films presents “The Little Master”, a documentary on Sachin Tendulkar, premiering February 15th at 8pm ET on ESPN.

This 1:31 minutes promo of “The Little Master” looks very promising and this documentary will surely pump up the huge army of Sachin Tendulkar fans for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. This documentary will take us through Sachin’s long and glorious cricketing career. From breaking every batting record to living his biggest dream i.e. winning World Cup 2011, the viewers will get to know many unknown/lesser known things about the Little Master.

This documentary has been produced by ESPN and it promises to be one of the well researched documentaries on Sachin Tendulkar ever. Making a documentary on a personality like Sachin Tendulkar is a very difficult task as there is very little that people who follow cricket don’t know about the Little Master.

IMDB description of “The Little Master” documentary: 

For over two decades, International Cricket Star Sachin Tendulkar dominated his sport and claimed lost every record for his home nation India. But the one thing that eluded him was the sports ultimate prize – the cricket World Cup. In 2011, on his home turf, Tendulkar would get his one final shot, surrounded by teammates, many of whom grew up during his legendary career. The result would be dramatic campaign that spoke not just for Tendulkar’s iconic career, but India itself.

Sachin Tendulkar has teamed up with Headlines Today network as their cricket analyst for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. This news has attracted a lot of eye balls as this will be Sachin Tendulkar is all set for his TV punditry debut. This news has already generated a lot of buzz among his fans and they are all very excited to see their hero presenting his opinion on the game that he played and lived for almost two and a half decades.


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