This Four Minute Video Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

This is a story of a young cricket lover Ganpatrao Kadam who lost his eyesight in an unfortunate incident while playing cricket, but his love for the game remained intact. Kadam, with the help of his son, followed the sport.

From the Lord’s balcony in 1983 to Wankhede stadium in 2011, Kadam watched 1272 matches with his son.

Ganpatrao, now an old-man and handicapped by Suresh’s absence decides to retire from watching the sport  he loves, but the void is soon filled and he receives a surprise from Rahul Dravid, who requests  to allow him being his eyes for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Rahul Dravid on the video:  “I am delighted to be part of this unique endeavour by Gillette to salute cricket fans for their continued support. It is motivating to see the dedication and commitment that Indian fans show towards our team.  Gillette is a brand that shares my passion to be the best and has brought me on this platform so that we can together appreciate the contribution of fans in making the game what it is.”

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