VIDEO: MS Dhoni Trolling Ravindra Jadeja

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most calm and composed cricketers this world has ever seen. His biggest strength is to absorb the pressure and back his abilities during the tricky situations. But, this post isn’t about Dhoni’s calm and composure. Dhoni has this habit of saying funny things to his bowlers and fielders from behind the stumps. And when it comes to trolling, Ravindra Jadeja (SIR Ravindra Jadeja) is his favourite target in the team.

Watch these two videos of MS Dhoni trolling Ravindra Jadeja from behind the stumps: 

“Agar ball ghomega toh Pujara ko idar isiliye rakha hai. Woh taali bajane ke lie nahin hai.”

In this video, MS Dhoni wants Ravindra Jadeja to bowl slow. Jadeja is bowling darts and even after two-three reminders from Dhoni, he is bowling fast.

Dhoni, in his usual way, trolls Jadeja by saying, “Dheere daal de, ek chakka kha ke dikha”


Dhoni will always be remembered as a very serious cricketer, who never allowed his emotions to get better off him. But, time and again, Dhoni gives his fans these funny moments from behind the stumps.

Ravindra Jadeja is MS Dhoni’s favourite target, both, on and off the field. In fact, SIR RAVINDRA JADEJA was Dhoni’s invention on Twitter. Dhoni along with Raina, trolled Ravindra Jadeja on Twitter by comparing him to superstar Rajnikanth.

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