VIDEO: Sourav Ganguly Mocks Shahid Afridi

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Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly is one of the best cricket analysts in the world. After his retirement from all forms of cricket, Sourav Ganguly took up cricket commentary and today he is one of the best cricket commentators in the world. Ganguly, unlike most of the commentators, believes in presenting the way without much bias. He is a very sharp observer and he is never afraid of criticizing.

But, in this video, Sourav Ganguly is in a different kind of a mood. He is talking about Shahid Afridi and criticizing his careless style of batting. Ganguly says:

“Batting on a turning square requires lots of skills. It is about calculations, it is about brains, and at the present moment Shahid Afridi has left it [brain] in Pakistan.”

Sourav Ganguly also makes fun of Shahid Afridi for getting out twice on the first ball. Ganguly finds it hard to believe that Shahid Afridi got out caught on long-off in search of a single Yes, Afridi really said that! He said, “I went for a single.”

Ganguly again takes a dig at Afridi by saying, “If you are a trying to take a single and get caught at long-off, then there is a bit more to cricket than just batting and bowling, and it is about brains.”

“At the present moment, Shahid Afridi has got it written from the board that you can’t bowl more than five balls,” said Sourav Ganguly. 

Kevin Pietersen is also enjoying this banter by Sourav Ganguly. He is laughing and nodding his head in agreement with what Ganguly is saying.

This is Dada Ganguly at his trolling best. He is not known for his sense of humor or funny remarks, but since the time he has become a cricket commentator, Ganguly has showed his funny side to his fans and this video is a very good example of how he enjoys making fun of cricketers, especially Shahid Afridi.


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