World Cup 2015: 5 Reasons Why MS Dhoni Is India’s Kingpin

The toast of the nation after two consecutive wins against Pakistan and South Africa, MS Dhoni is undoubtedly India’s man of the hour. He has achieved the cricketing ‘treble’ of winning the 50 over World Cup, t20 world cup and the Champions Trophy. Add to that leading India to the No.1 spot in Tests, Chennai Super Kings to 2 IPL titles and a Champions League title. So what does this man do differently? And how is he going to win India this World Cup? Let’s find out:

1. Team Selections


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MS Dhoni is a real master when it comes to team selections. He has the uncanny knack of picking the right man at the right time to get the job done. The first glimpse of this particular trait was seen when he threw the ball to Joginder Sharma to bowl the penultimate over in the 2007 t20 World Cup. In this World Cup till now he has got all his team selections spot on, the most impressive selection that being of Mohit Sharma who has come out trumps.


2. Tournament Specialist



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MS Dhoni is what we would like to call a ‘tournament specialist.’ He has the vision to look at a tournament like a game of chess where he would anticipate the moves of other teams well beforehand before making his next move. He usually keeps his checkmate move till the end until it catches the other side by surprise. Dhoni’s move to push himself up the order in the final of the 2011 World Cup proved to be a masterstroke as the opposition was expecting the man of the tournament Yuvraj Singh to come in next, hence catching them completely on the wrong foot. One wonders what tricks does he have up his sleeve this time around.


3. Temperament


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MS Dhoni’s temperament is something that is always being talked about. Cricket is a team game and the way the captain carries himself on and off the field rubs off on the team. The likes of Imran Khan, Kapil Dev and Steve Waugh are all shining examples of strong temperaments and the ability to keep calm under pressure. In this edition of the World Cup there are a bunch of debutantes who are playing their first World Cup and MS Dhoni is the best man to bring the best out of them.


4. Dhoni’s Army


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The players in the Indian team are handpicked by the captain. He is the ‘General’ and his players are his ‘soldiers’. The soldiers swear by whatever the captain says which is extremely essential as it ensures that the decisions are taken only by one person. This ensures that the plans are effectively implemented. For instance someone like a Ravindra Jadeja is one of Dhoni’s most trusted soldiers as he bowls according to his captain’s plans.


5. Cricketing Ability


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Let’s not forget that except for being the captain, he is also one of the most destructive batsmen in the world and an extremely skillful wicket keeper. He has already showed his skills behind the stumps this time with a few crucial run outs and catches. Dhoni has developed his own way of flicking the ball on to the stumps to cause a run out, something not usually seen done by other keepers. But MS Dhoni is different. Isn’t he?


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