World Cup 2015: An Emotional And Open-Hearted Letter To MS Dhoni


Dear M S Dhoni,

First of all I must say that it is a pleasure to write to you. Not because you are the captain but because you are the man that gives cricket fanatics like me the reason to believe we can bring the cup back home. There is an advertisement that keeps playing on television these days where you feature and say “we won’t give it back.” The video starts with the likes of Shikahr Dhawan and Virat Kohli saying how they will fight for the cup. It ends with you promising not to give it away. You know when I was young and I would trip and get hurt, my father would pick me up and bring me back to my feet. I confess now that when I fell I knew that my dad was around and it automatically gave me a sense of security. In the same way when you say that we won’t give the cup back the world becomes a much better place to live.

You have struggled to get to where you are today. We all know that. You are not someone who had it easy and this gives me much more reason to respect you. Like in 2011 winning the World Cup will not be easy but I believe in you and your abilities to pull it off one more time. Now if you are reading this please don’t feel pressurised, my intention is not to burden you with expectations but to let you know how much faith I have in you. Cricket at the end of the day is a game and it should be enjoyed. I want you to enjoy the game. Because when you enjoy playing it reflects on the scoreboard, whether you are batting or making fielding changes. When you enjoy playing the game we enjoying watching it, or if I may say the country enjoys watching it. You bring so much joy to people, you have no idea. I know it sounds clichéd every time someone says this, but I will say it again because you need to know how important you are to us.

We play our first match against Pakistan on the 15th. I can already see that you are smiling almost in a manner to show that you know what I am going to say next! Well, I will not say anything, but just to let you know this match is indeed a big deal for us. Almost equivalent to winning the World Cup if not more. I am getting a tad carried away, I know that. This is because this letter to you is more about emotions and less about cricket. We are the kind of people Bollywood movies are made of; eccentric and most of the times melodramatic. We love drama, it’s in our blood. And do you know what else flows in our blood? Cricket.

Play your heart out MS. Play like a tiger. Play like the legend that you are. We are always, the forever “wala” always with you.


By Ashirbad Hazarika

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