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World Cup 2015: Sachin Tendulkar’s message to Indian cricket fans


India’s batting maestro and arguably the greatest cricket ever, Sachin Tendulkar, has made a very personal and emotional request to Indian cricket fans. Sachin, who played an instrumental role in India’s World Cup triumph in 2011, said fans must learn to accept defeat.

“Obviously you want them to go out and thrash the opposition and win each and every match but that is not possible. Sometimes you have to accept defeat and that can also be a learning experience in a tournament like World Cup,” Tendulkar said at an event. 

Sachin appealed to fans to keep supporting Team India during tough times. Sachin said that the biggest inspiration for the team is the support they get from their huge army of fans.

“There are going to be difficult moments, there are going to be obstacles along the way but not just the team, if you all are together, it becomes inspiring for the players to move forward, knowing that the nation is not sitting on top of the head but the nation is moving ahead along with it. I would urge everyone to support our team.

“Earlier I batted for India on the field, now I continue to bat for India off the field. Something that really matters to a sportsman is genuine support and that is what I would like to extend.”

Sachin said that his World Cup journey started way back in 1983 when he saw Kapil Dev and his team lifting the most prestigious cricket trophy at Lord’s.

“World Cup journey started for me in 1983. I watched India win an excellent finals against West Indies and then Kapil paaji holding that beautiful trophy in the balcony of Lords. The next experience which was even greater, I was a ball boy at the Wankhede stadium and I got to see all the superstars of Indian cricket from a close vicinity.

“And then to become an ambassador of 2011 and 2015 World Cup it feels like I have done a full circle,” he said.

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