10 things Indian cricket fans say all the time


We Indians like to wear our hearts on our sleeves, and more often than not we are pretty vocal about it. Logical or not it is much like Amitabh Bacchan from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: “Ek baar keh dia na, bas keh dia.

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10 things Indian cricket fans say all the time: 

1. “Kitne Ad karoge, thoda khel bhi lo!”


Most of us say this when a batsman gets out cheaply or a fielder drops a catch. And God forbid his stars that immediately after such a thing happens he is flashing his million dollar smile right back at us for a toothpaste ad. At that very moment the expletives fly thick and fast, cussing the poor player for an advertisement which he shot for only once but is played over and over again. Most of us forget that and it almost looks like he has absolutely no remorse for his wrong doing in the field.

2. “Out hain, out hain!”


As soon as the ball hits the pad or there is a “Run-Out ki sambhavna”, we sitting at home are the first to declare the batsman out even before the on field umpire gives his decision. We do not over react, we just know it!

3. “Why did he play that shot? Whyyyyyyyy?”


Of course the player got out to a shot which resulted in a catch straight to a fielder. Starting from the commentators to the rickshaw wala staring at the screen outside a TV showroom, everybody asks the same question. But if the same shot would have gone over the fielder for a boundary needless to say the reaction would have been the opposite, which brings us to our next point.

4. “Whaaaateey Shot”


This reaction just proves that this guy can bat. Opener or number 11 any hit over the boundary is a recipient of this compliment.

5. “Sachin hota toh baat alag hoti.”


We as Indians have lived with Sachin Tendulkar. We agree that he deserves his retirement after all these years. But even now when India is in a difficult situation we still wish Sachin was there!

6. “Umpire mila hua hain.”


All those wrong umpiring decisions and we are left with no other option.

7. “Sab selectors mile hue hain.”


The business of mixing or “milawat” doesn’t just end with the umpires; the selectors are at the receiving end too. Those times when an unexpected name props up in the team list and leaves us dumbfounded. (Stuart Binny?)

8. “Koi apni jagah se nahin hilega. Just sit wherever you are.”


Superstitions are a part of our system, especially when things are going well on the cricket field. Nobody is allowed to move an inch when Sachin or Virat is striking the ball well. Most Indians in the 2011 final did not move much excepting the time when Dhoni hit the winning six.

9. “Bhai T20 hain Test match nahin.”


We are all game for technically correct batting. But t20 is a different ball game and you need to SWING your bat. No space for any defensive shots, save that for the Test matches.

10. “Isme kuch baat hain yaar. I told you.”


When somebody performs unexpectedly he receives a lot of support. His “X” factor is then projected to the rest of the world while taking all due credit for his performance.

Humlogo ko samajh sako toh samjho dilbarjaani, jitna bhi tum samjhoge utni hogi hairani!

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