Farhaan Saeed: The Most Inspirational Cricket Story Ever

The story of Pakistani player Farhan Saeed is an inspiration to millions of differently-abled who avoid taking up sports because of their disability.


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Farhaan Saeed is a victim of polio since he was two-year-old. But, he hasn’t let this effect his love for the game of cricket.  Farhaan Saeed, who has lived his life with a left leg, is a fast bowler and his bowling action is nothing short amazing. Farhaan Saeed uses his left leg to jump and generate the pace. Farhaan Saeed’s inspiration is Shoaib Akhtar and this is why he became a fast bowler. Saeed runs in hard with the crutch and delivers the ball with all the pace he can generate. 

Farhaan Saeed reveals about his meeting with all the Pakistan’s national team players and especially his hero Shoaib Akhtar.

“I have met nearly all players of the Pakistan’s national cricket team. Shoaib Akhtar was quite impressed to see me bowling, so much so that after the meeting I read in a newspaper him saying, ‘I went to give tips to a bowler who was on crutches, but after seeing his control on line and length I myself learned many things from him and I urge other bowlers to learn from him.” 


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