IPL 2015: 5 Most Funniest Crash The Pepsi IPL Attempts

Indian Premier League’s (IPL) title sponsor Pepsi started a campaign which let the Aam Aadmi and Aurat make their next television commercial to be aired during the Pepsi IPL. This campaign is already a massive success and people from across the country and making their ‘crash the IPL’ videos.

Here  we look at of some of the most fun things fans are doing to make sure that the next Pepsi ad is theirs:

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1) Even the Zombies are thirsty for Pepsi 



Now, this is what we call “creativity”. This Crash The Pepsi IPL fan is dressed like a Zombie and carrying a crate of Pepsi bottles in his hand. He is trying is tell that even the zombies are crazy for Pepsi.

2) People are creating a “Pepsi Tree”



Kids throwing stones at tress to get jamun, mangoes, apples is a very common sight in India. But, this is our generation next. This team created a Pepsi tree to show how crazy they are for the soft drink.

3) Pepsi gives you wings 



The secret behind Superman’s flying power has been revealed. Having Pepsi is an out of the world experience. Quite literally for our fans here!

4) Pepsi is more effective than a diamond ring 


Guys, stop buying costly diamond rings for your girlfriend. There’s no better way to make up than offering her a swig of cold, refreshing Pepsi! So, always carry a bottle of Pepsi.

5) People are fighting over a bottle of Pepsi


People are fighting (literally) for Pepsi. This is one of the most funniest attempts we have seen so far.

These attempts prove that ‘Crash the Pepsi IPL’ campaign is a massive success and it has created a lot of buzz among the viewers of the Pepsi IPL. You can more such funny ‘crash the Pepsi IPL’ entries so far on their site crashthepepsiipl.com and trust, you will be surprised by the fascinating talent on display!

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