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MS Dhoni considers himself much above Ravana: Yograj Singh


Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh lambasted Indian captain MS Dhoni by accusing him of being arrogant, and comparing him to the mythic antagonist of the Ramayana, Raavana.

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Yograj Singh, who is known for giving such controversial statements, said the media has crowned Dhoni as a great which he never deserved.

According to a report by ibnlive.in, Yograj Singh launched a tirade against Dhoni on a Hindi news channel.

“Dhoni was nothing. He has become a God in cricket just because of media. Media has crowned him as a great which he never deserved. There was a time when he had nothing but today he sits in front of media and rips off media persons. He laughs at media who has given him so much hype. He laughs at Indian people who clap when he scores a run. Honestly, if I were a media person, I would have slapped Dhoni right there,” said Yograj.

Yograj Sindh did not stop here and compared MS Dhoni to Ravana.

“Dhoni is arrogant. The way Ravana’s proud came to an end, Dhoni will also suffer some day. He considers himself much above Ravana. I feel really ashamed when other cricketers come and tell me about Dhoni. Earlier, I used to think that people must be cribbing about Dhoni due to jealousy. But when the cricketers told me about him, I think I have never seen a terrible person like him ever in my life.

Yograj Singh also questioned Dhoni’s move to bat ahead of his son Yuvraj Singh in the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

“In the 2011 final, Yuvraj was going to bat but Dhoni stopped him went to bat and became a hero. Why didn’t he bat at No. 4 this time? Why did he go at No. 6? If he considers himself as a great then he should have batted at No. 4 and guided India to a win against Aussies.”

VIDEO: Yograj Singh says MS Dhoni is playing politics with Yuvraj

This is not the first time Yograj has criticised Dhoni. He had earlier told India Today, “If MS Dhoni is having personal issues with my son, I won’t do anything, God will do justice. Pray India wins World Cup under your captaincy but nothing can be more sad that you behaved this way.” On that occasion, Yuvraj had tweeted in response to his father’s comments:

“Like every parent my dad is also passionate and I am sure got carried away always enjoyed playing under Mahi n would do so in future.”

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