These 10 Memes Prove That Ashish Nehra Is One Of The Most Trolled Cricketers Ever

India’s fast bowler Ashish Nehra is arguably the most “trolled” cricketer in the history of the game. From his bowling action to his teeth, Nehra is trolled globally by cricket lovers. Here are 10 memes that prove Ashish Nehra is one of the most trolled cricketers ever:

1) If Rahul Dravid is the The Wall, Ashish Nehra is The Hole! 


2) This one is for Nehra’s lovely teeth. 


3) Well, you have got to feel for all the Chennai Super King (CSK) fans. *sympathies* 


4) Wait. Not only the fans. But the captain cool as well! *hugs*


5) Never send your kids to ‘The Ashish Nehra School of Catching’


6) Kindly pass on this meme to Farah Khan. Ashish Nehra is the best man for the lead role in Main Hoon Na 2


7) Ashish Nehra is the only reason why The Rock watches cricket


8) Now, how close is this? 


9) Poor Nehra can’t even give advice to his captain! This is too much, Nehra Trolls! 


10) Finally, Justice for Ashish Nehra #JusticeForNehra


NOTE: This is just a humor article and should be taken in jest. 

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