VIDEO: Some of the funniest moments in cricket

This is a very well compiled video of some of the most funniest moments in the game of cricket.

– Richardson throwing his bat up in the air and then apologising to the umpire and fielders with a red face.

– Niel Mckenzie losing his pants while fielding. This is one of the most hilarious moments you will ever see on a cricket field.

– Nathon Lyon turning one miles and Warner celebrating as if he has taken a catch.

– Rana Naved dancing on the cricket field. I mean not literally, but fumbling and falling to get hold of the cricket ball.

– Chris Lynn’s girlfriend imitating sex on the cricket field, during a live cricket match.

– Inzamam-ul-Huq falling on his stumps. Ah! Good old Inzy, you’ve got to love this.

– One of the most funniest reaction to getting a cramp. (Have listen to the audio of this clip very carefully)

– Two girls getting “wild” during a live cricket match.

By Aniket Arora

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