5 Reasons Why We Indians Are Obsessed With The Indian Premier League (IPL)

1) We don’t have to worry about spending money in clubs and booking movie tickets


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One of the best things about the Indian Premier League (IPL) is that there are mostly two matches  on Saturdays and Sundays. This solves one of the biggest problems that we face– “Weekend ka kya scene hai?”

2) From offices to public transport, IPL becomes a common topic for all! 


We don’t have to worry too much about what to talk with the colleagues or with people while travelling because “Aaj kiska match hai?” “RCB toh pakka jeetegi” “Sehwag ab budha ho gaya hai” etc automatically become the common topics for all of us.

3) We get to see our favourite superstars of the past! *Sachin Sachin*


The likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Jack Kallis, Jhonty Rhodes, Rahul Dravid and many others take part in IPL every year. These legends of the game are associated with their respective IPL franchises as coaches, mentors and support staff. Watching them enjoy the game of cricket from sidelines is always a treat to watch for the fans.


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