From Champion to Xi Jingpin: The A-Z of AB de Villiers

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AB de Villiers is arguably the best batsman in world cricket, across all three formats. From playing outrageous reverse-scoops in ODIs and T20s to batting out days in Test cricket, there is nothing that AB de Villiers can’t do with a cricket bat in his hand. Some say he is from a different planet. Some say he is a SUPERMAN. Some say he is mathematician who is playing cricket to find new angles. We say he is everything.

Here, The Cricket Lounge’s Vaibhav Sharma looks at the ‘A-Z’ of AB de Villiers.

A. His nickname is ‘Abbas’

B. Can play ‘basketball’ too

C. C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N

D. The most ‘destructive’ batsman

E. And he is ‘elegant’ too

F. Fastest hundred in ODI cricket

G. Game-changer

H. Many say he is not a ‘human’. They believe he is from a different planet.

I. One of the most loved foreign cricketers in ‘India’

J. Jersey No. 17

K. His favorite actress is ‘Kate Beckinsale’.

L. He was South Africa’s ‘lone warrior’ in World Cup 2015

M. His favourite football club is ‘Manchester United’

N. One of the most ‘naturally-gifted’ cricketers

O. O.U.T.S.T.A.N.D.I.N.G

P. His favorite food indulgences are Pasta and Seafood.

Q. Nobody can ‘question’ his commitement in all forms of the game; batting, bowling and fielding!

R. His favourite Tennis players is ‘Roger Federer’

S. His favourite ground is ‘SuperSport Park’

T. His favorite sportsperson is ‘Tiger Woods’

U. U-19 Badminton champion

V. The most versatile batsman in world cricket at the moment

W. Some say he should be declared as the 8th Wonder of the world.

X. His is the ‘Xi Jinping’ of cricket.

Y. You will never find a nicer guy

Z. Zero fear. Remember that scoop-six to Dale Steyn? Steyn Gun who?


We will never get to know which planet is he from, but let’s hope he stays fit and keeps entertaining us with his outrageous batting and infectious smile.

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