Video: 18 Year Parthiv Patel Pranked On MTV Bakra

There was a time when ‘MTV Bakra’ was one of the most popular televisions shows in India. As the name suggests, it used to be aired on MTV, hosted by the famous comedians Cyrus Broacha & Cyrus Sahukar and their team. The MTV Bakra unit used to play pranks on common people and sometimes celebrities as well. One fine day, the MTV Bakra team planned to pull a prank on Parthi Patel, who had just made his Test debut for India.


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Parthiv Patel, who had just turned 18, was going for an MTV shoot when his driver, who was also a part of the prank, claimed to have some pain in his chest and requested him to drive the car. Parthiv Patel agreed to drive the car and just a few moments later their car stopped by two traffic police inspectors who were just playing their role in the prank.  Despite producing his driving license, the inspectors insisted that he is just 17 years old and that his license is not valid.

Parthiv Patel, who really didn’t look 18 at that time, was made to apologise by the inspectors even when he hadn’t done anything wrong or illegal. The conversation between Parthiv Patel and the cops will surely make you laugh.

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