Video: Shahid Afridi Giving Love Bite To Ahmed Shehzad

Shahid Afridi is one of the most “loved” players in the history of Pakistan cricket. From his aggressive batting style to his signature celebration pose, everything he does is followed my millions of Pakistan cricket fans across the world. But, we are not going to talk about his fandom in this article. Here, we are sharing a video of Shahid Afridi giving a love bite to his teammate Ahmed Shehzad during a live cricket match. Yes, you read it right. Shahid Afridi gave a “love bite” to Ahmed Shehzad when the Pakistani players were waiting for a third-umpire decision.

Video: Shahid Afridi caught giving a love bite to Ahmed Shehzad

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The Pakistan cricket Team was standing in a huddle waiting for the third umpire decision over opposition’s wicket, when Shahid Afridi suddenly comes from behind Ahmed Shehzad and gave him a love bite on his neck. This unexpected ‘love bite’ from Shahid Afridi caught Ahmed Shehzad simply by surprise as we can clearly see it in the video.

Is it a cricket match or a Vampires Diary episode?

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