VIDEO: Three Players Injured By One Ball

Cricket is a funny game and we have seen many funny incidents on the field over the years. From sledging to wardrobe malfunctions, the game of cricket has never been short of entertainment and it keeps providing hilarious moments.


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In a Victorian Premier League match between Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club and Footscray-Edgewater Cricket Club in Australia, three players looked to be injured after a hilarious sequence of events.

This is comedy of errors. The batsman takes a huge swing at a delivery but only manages to hit it straight at his batting partner at the other end . The non-striker is hurt but shrugs the pain off quickly.

Now, it turned out to be like this:

1) The batsman seems to have also injured his right shoulder.

2) The ball goes and hit the not-striker who falls immediately down.

3) And last but not the least, the bowler is hit on the head by a teammate from close range and is down for a couple of seconds before getting back on his feet.

Watch and share! 

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