Video: Andrew Strauss Smashes his sunglasses

In a Test match between England and South Africa, former England captain Andrew Strauss gave us one of the most funniest moments in the history of cricket. South Africa were 356-2 and nothing was going right for England. Their shoulders were down and the body-language was dull. But, everything changed when Jacques Kallis flicked one ball off Graeme Swann’s bowling to Andrew Strauss, who smashed his sunglasses while throwing the ball back to the wicketkeeper.

The moment was so funny that entire England team, including the likes of James Anderson, Alastair Cook, Matt Prior and Graeme Swann couldn’t their laughter and kept laughing for a couple of minutes. Even the commentators couldn’t their laughter on this one. Watch it here:

Video: Andrew Strauss Smashes his sunglasses


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