8 Funniest Pictures Of MS Dhoni That Will Make You Go LOL

MS Dhoni is one of the calm and composed cricketers in the history of the game. In his long playing career (that is still going strong!) Dhoni has never been involved in an on-field spat with the opposition players. Dhoni is a true gentleman on the field and he plays the game in the right spirit. But having said this, Dhoni is also a very funny character and he loves trolling his own teammates.

The Cricket Lounge’s Aniket Arora lists 10 funniest pictures of MS Dhoni which will surely make you laugh.

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1) Here, MS Dhoni is imitating his teammate Manoj Tiwary 




2) MS Dhoni didn’t like Yuvraj Singh’s running in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 final. So he decided to punish Yuvi by sitting on his bum! 

India v Sri Lanka: 2011 ICC World Cup Final


3) Who says only AB de Villiers can play “crazy” shots? Look, MS Dhoni has invented a new version of sweep shot. 



4) Now, try explaining this shot to an aspiring batsman



 5) Because wearing helmet is too mainstream! 



6) When MS Dhoni decided to support Arvind Kevriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party



7) Now we know who is John Abraham’s hairstylist! 



8) This is a big disappointment for all those who thought MS Dhoni has a good “body” 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni



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