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India’s Test Captain Virat Kohli Has Shared Roadmap for Next 5 Years

India’s new Test captain Virat Kohli laid out his ambitious vision for the Indian team, saying he wants to create a team which can dominate world cricket for the next five years at least.

“I strongly want to see the Indian team dominate for at least five or six years,” Kohli told The Cricket Monthly. 

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1) Virat Kohli said that he wants to a create a strong “bond” in the team

Kohli Dhawan India

Virat Kohli said that if a team wants to succeed for a long period of time, it is very important create a strong friendships in the unit.

“I want to create strong bonds. I want to create strong friendships in this unit. We live 250-280 days a year together so I want to create such an atmosphere where in the next ten years watching it from outside you would get to know this team is a united team. This team is a strongly knit unit. They want to play for each other. They don’t want to play for themselves. That is my vision.”

2) Virat Kohli said he wants to free players of doubts

Virat Kohli said that he wants to create a “Australia-like” atmosphere in the team, where players play their best every time they step on the field without any insecurities and doubts.

“The thing that I want to do and I can do in Test matches is free them from any kind of doubt. Free them from any kind of insecurity… On the field if you see them (Australia) play you feel like, damn, that’s a unit, we really have to play our bloody best to beat these guys. I want that to happen to Indian cricket.”

3) Virat Kolhli said he wants India to be the team to beat in Test cricket

Virat Kohli has already hit three centuries in the series.

India’s performance in Test cricket, specially outside the sub-continent, has not been up to the mark. Kohli said that he wants to change the mindset and play an aggressive brand of cricket that is full of confidence and self-belief.

“In Test matches we want to be the team to beat. It is just the mindset, sometimes we tend to go into that zone where the thinking is not right.”

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