VIDEO: 7 Most Bizarre Dismissals In Cricket That Will Make You Go WTF

Cricket, as they say, is a funny game and it has produced many hilarious moments overs the years. From ducking toe-crushing yorkers to helmets flying onto the stumps, The Cricket Lounge’s Vaibhav Sharma lists 7 funniest dismissals in the game of cricket.

1) When John Bracewell tried to duck a yorker

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This has to be THE GREATEST leave in the history of the game. Oh boy! You need great skills to duck a yorker.

2) When Michael Clarke played an instrumental role in dismissing his mate Andrew Symmonds

Andrew Symmonds reaction while walking back to the pavilion is priceless. And Clarke can’t stop laughing, too.

3) When Sachin Tendulkar was given out ‘Shoulder Before The Wicket’ 

This is one of the most controversial decisions in the history of the game. And the fact that the ‘God of Cricket’ was at the receiving end, will keep it alive forever.

4) When Misbah-ul-Haq’s great reflexes resulted in getting him out


Aww! You’ve got to feel for the good old Misbah. Poor lad was jumping in the air to let the ball go for overthrows.

5) When Inzamam-ul-Haq made an absolute mess of the stumps


Inzamam had a great fall! This is arguably the most funniest ‘hit-wicket’ dismissal we have ever seen.

6) When Kevin Pietersen got undone by his own helmet

Surely there were some “trust” issues between Kevin Pietersen and his helmet. Poor lad!

7) When AB de Villiers lost the sight of the ball, and also his wicket!


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