10 Reasons Why Cricket Is The Best Sport In The World

1) Cricket is a gentleman’s game


2) Cricketers, unlike footballers, don’t rely on security guards to deal with ‘streakers’



3) A Test match lasts for five days, with at least 30 hours of play. That’s 45 times longer than the shortest war in history.



4) Cricket is the only sport in the world that knows the importance of taking regular breaks for tea


5) Other than the wicketkeeper, the rest of the fielders don’t wear gloves. They catch barehand like men!



6) Anybody can play; tall, short, fat, thin, slow, fast… anyone can be good at cricket!


7) There is a ‘customized’ format for everyone; Test cricket, ODI, T-20, Gulli cricket, French Cricket, One Tip One Hand, Hand cricket, Book Cricket… There is something for everyone!



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8) The game of cricket is not afraid of having really, really, really ‘tiny’ trophies!



9) The rules of the game are so easy to understand they can be written on a pocket towel.



10) And cricket is the best because, come on, a billion people in India really can’t all be wrong.



Unnati Madan

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