8 Reasons Why Indians Love Virat Kohli

He is brash, he is arrogant, he is oozing with confidence, he is raring to go ….. Well then, don’t we all want some of that? Isn’t the new brand of India all about that? Virat Kohli is a youth icon and youngsters across the country swear by his approach to life. Virat Kohli wears his attitude on his sleeve, and his heart on his lips. He’s got the swagger to intimidate the enemy, panache to make the girls go crazy, and an innocent smile to still be his mamma’s boy. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admire him.

The Cricket Lounge’s Somya Sharma lists 8 reasons why Indians love Virat Kohli.

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1) Virat Kohli is unapologetic 


Virat wears his heart on his sleeves – and his aggression on his jersey.

2) Virat Kohli is a ‘style guru’ 


That look. That attitude. That style.  Virat Kohli the perfect bad boy for the good girls.

3) Virat Kohli makes ‘PDA’ look cool


4) Virat Kohi gives us hope


After Sachin, we’ve pinned our hopes on Virat.

5) Virat Kohli is the first Indian batsman score a ton against Pakistan in World Cup


In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, Virat Kohli became the first Indian to score a ton in a World Cup match against Pakistan!

6) Virat Kohli always tries his best to stay connected with his fans


Virat Kohli posts selfies for fans and thanks them on Twitter and Facebook. His connect with the public is what makes him ‘the guy next door’. 

7) Virat Kohli is a run machine

8) SportsPro, has rated Virat to be the 2nd most marketable man in the world. Incredible!


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