VIDEO: These People Are The Real World Cup Winners

The Satya Show is one of the most hilarious YouTube channels, specially when Satya decides to do ‘cricket’ videos. We, at The Cricket Lounge, always keep a close eye on what Satya is doing and whenever there is a video related to cricket, we share it our viewers so that they can also have a good laugh. Satya has his own way of making funny moments look even more funnier. His timing is always perfect and he has a great knack of picking the right moments to compile his videos. In the video shared below, Satya has compiled some of the most hilarious moments on a cricket field coupled with his funny narration.

From MS Dhoni’s epic trolling from behind the stumps to Mohammad Azharrudin’s ‘polite’ request to Shahid Afridi, Satya tells who are the ‘real World Cup winners’. Watch it here:

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