Healthy banter between MS Dhoni and Chris Gayle

In an event organised by McDowell’s No. 1 Soda, two of the greatest hitters of cricket ball, MS Dhoni and Chris Gayle were caught in a funny mood. Indian’s limited-overs captain MS Dhoni, who is usually looks very quiet and serious on a cricket field, trolled Chris Gayle when the big Jamaican said he is the fastest runner between the wickets. Both, Dhoni and Gayle, shared a very healthy banter as the host of the show, Gautam Bhimani kept provoking them with funny questions.

Dhoni and Gayle share a good friendship because they endorse the same brand (Spartan) and also, they have played a lot of cricket together in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Watch the video here:

VIDEO: Healthy banter between MS Dhoni and Chris Gayle

Video and featured image source: NDTV

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